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Quest for a cooler school continues

Air conditioning would require costly electrical upgrades

Sandra Malahy
Superintendent, Lostant Grade School
Sandra Malahy Superintendent, Lostant Grade School

LOSTANT — The quest for a cooler school remains ongoing in Lostant, as considerations for air conditioning prove unfeasible.

“I think it’s a lot of money for a couple weeks out of the year,” Superintendent Sandra Malahy said of the options at last week’s school board meeting.

“I would love to have air conditioning in the building, but I’m not sure how to make it work financially.”

Previously, it had been suggested that portable units would be cheaper to purchase than permanent units, but the costs remain higher than might be affordable. Much of the estimated cost had been in upgrades to the building’s electrical infrastructure, and the portable units would not sidestep that cost.

“There’s about a four-foot cord on there,” Malahy said of the unit in question.

While some rooms provide outlets in locations where that cord would be enough for a window-mounted unit to reach the electrical port, other rooms do not, necessitating that electrical work would have to be completed.

The other potential issue was whether the building’s electrical system could handle the strain of all the necessary units at once, which was decided to be unlikely.

However, Malahy provided some measure of hope for an air-conditioned future, noting that she has heard rumblings about potential grants in the future that would provide funds for this work. For the current time, however, cost remains an obstacle that is difficult to surmount.

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