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Lostant wants your number

LOSTANT — A new village ordinance will require Lostant residents to clearly display their house number.

“It would help police, UPS,” Lostant Village President Jack Immel said at the board meeting on June 12. “Friends, family — it would help a lot.”

According to the ordinance, the house numbers should be a minimum of 4 inches in height and located in an easily visible area, such as near the main entrance or above a garage door.

Immel said this ordinance follows a ruling passed by the county, which the village had thus far been lenient on enforcing.

“We’ve been a little lax here in town,” he said, but the ruling is now going to be enforced.

Also at the meeting, Lostant is looking into the possibility of creating a franchise agreement with Frontier Communications. Lostant has agreements with cable companies, in which the village will get a percentage from the company for every customer.

As a phone service, Frontier had not been subject to one of these agreements, but the company has expanded, which has caused similarities to the companies which do have the agreements.

“When it was just a phone service, it was a little different,” Immel said of Frontier. “Now they’re getting into Internet and TV. Maybe we should look into that.”

He suggested the village attorney be consulted regarding the matter.

In other business:

• With an increase in rates, ComEd appears to be increasing its service beyond the street lights it owns.

“They’re supposed to replace them all with LED,” Andy Forrest said regarding the lights.

Chris Dose also mentioned the possibility of powering the lights with solar. “That would save us some money too,” he said. “It’ll cost more up front, but in the long run it’ll save us.”

• Lostant received a proposal from Hartwig Trucking and Excavating, Inc. regarding the issues on Second Street. The proposal was broken down into different segments, which involve digging out the ditch and repairing tile holes, planting and fertilizing grass seed, and installing new culverts. Since this is the first proposal for this project, the village is waiting to see what else comes in.

• The village also passed its annual prevailing wage ordinance.

• The board discussed its ordinance regarding soliciting, following a solicitor who had visited town. It was explained prospective solicitors have to obtain permits by contacting either the village president or the village clerk.

“Basically, I ran her off and told her, ‘Before you can sell all these wonderful things, you have to call me,’” Immel said.

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